Tuesday, September 15, 2015



PREPARED BY: LT Naomi Bowden


o Enemy Forces:
 - 5x Sectoids, 2x Seekers

o Friendly Forces
 - LT Naomi "Artemis" Bowden (United Kingdom)
 - SGT Leigh "Beacon" Fahey (United States)
 - CPL Beatrice "Preacher" Rydberg (Sweden)
 - CPL Rainhard "Ogre" Horn (Austria)
 - SPC Jermaine Glynn (United States)
 - SPC Qutuz Safar (United Arab Emirates)
 - SPC Joosef Hintikka (Finland)
 - PFC Kaseem Quadri (Indonesia)


o Strike Team deploys to Marseille, France, 08 JUL 2016 @ 2301 hrs, IOT assist CO Markusova in protecting the transmission of EXALT Data to XCOM HQ.


We received the Mission Alert at 1229 hrs. The squad was assembled in the Skyranger by 1244, and we touched down in Arizona at 1254 hrs. We expected it to be blazing hot, based on the intel reports, but the sky was incredibly overcast, though it wasn't yet raining. It was still uncomfortably warm however, and it didn't take long to be drenched in sweat.

There was scant cover near the LZ, so I advanced my squad the best I could, and was able to get everyone to some sort of cover before Hintikka made contact with a pod of Sectoids. Glynn was able to zap one, which forced them to keep their heads down while the squad moved into killing formation and took two of them down, leaving the third to flee. 

Hintikka advanced again, taking cover in front of a semi-truck, and spotted a pair of Seekers, which immediately advanced, snaking through the air and dodging our initial fire. From the back, Glynn managed to line up a shot and knocked one of the squiddies out of the sky. Hintikka drew his pistol and designated the second, lighting it up for Rydberg to blow to hell.

Our next bound forward revealed a live canister of meld. With no contact, I ordered Hintikka and Safar forward to keep eyes on it as the rest of the squad moved into position. Just then, we heard movement off to our right flank, and a pair of Sectoids came into sight, just as the Sectoid we'd scared off earlier came back, presumably to secure the meld before we reached it. Safar and I took reaction shots at the sectoids on our flank, managing to kill one.

PFC Quadri moved under cover and claimed the meld, spotting another in the distance, then lobbed an AP grenade at the Sectoid to his front, wounding it. Rydberg was perfectly positioned to eliminate the Sectoid on our right flank, and took the shot, putting it down for the count. Horn attempted to blow the Sectoid to our front out of cover, but his rocket went slightly astray. I drew a bead on the Sectoid, but ordered Beacon forward, holding my shot in reserve. She was able to finish off the X-Ray, after which point, we met with no further hostilities. We also managed to recover the second Meld canister, just before the rain started.


o Sustain:
 - High Operational Tempo
 - Multiple shooter coverage

o Improve:
 - Better Skyranger recon
 - Calibrate weapon sights prior to mission