Thursday, March 24, 2016



PREPARED BY: CPT Jared Houston


o Enemy Forces:
 - 5x Mutons, 5x Floaters, armed with plasma rifles and grenades

o Friendly Forces
 - LT Jared "Mercury" Houston (United States)
 - SFC Constance "Deadbolt" Makhandule (South Africa)
 - SGT Jermaine "Da Pain" Glynn (United States)
 - SGT Beatrice "Preacher" Rydberg (Sweden)
 - CPL Qutuz "Bad Hand" Safar (United Arab Emirates)
 - CPL Viktor "Dragon" Lehmann (Germany)
 - CPL Rhys "Blizzard" Waddell (Canada)
 - SPC Glenn "Freaky" Friendly (United Nations)


o Strike Team deploys to Dao Paolo, Brazil, 12 SEP 2016 @ 1603 hrs, IOT disrupt Abduction Operations.


The Mission Alert came in at 1434 hrs. The Skyranger was wheels up by 1450, with boots down by 1603 hrs. As soon as we were on the ground, I sent Waddell up to get a look into the graveyard. Immediately he called contact with a squad of Mutons moving to engage. Preacher, Glynn and I all opened fire, while SPC Friendly moved to cover and tossed a plasma grenade into their midst, and SFC Mak launched a rocket. The rest of the squad advanced, firing, and the surviving pair of Mutons withdrew into the darkness.

Advancing under cover, Waddell spotted a pod of Floaters which attempted to swarm us; I managed to kill one, with Safar using his psionic abilities to disorient another, which slowed their advance; Meanwhile, Waddell managed to eliminate one of the Mutons who'd withdrawn earlier. The Floaters continued to aggress, Friendly winged one just as it shot me, burning through my armor.

Waddell and Lehmann advanced, drawing fire and managing to severely damage one of the Floaters. Meanwhile Glynn, still in the backfield, blew the head off one of the bastards on the right flank. Under the cover of fire, Deadbolt did what she does best, putting a Shredder rocket into the heart of the Floater cluster, killing one. Preacher and Friendly followed up, with Rydberg killing one of the Floaters, and Friendly crippling the last remaining Muton. 

Cowed, the surviving X-Rays did not advance; The Floater dropped down behind a tombstone, and the firing blindly at Waddell's position. Waddell ran forward, screaming wildly as the plasma burst all around him, then drew his laser pistol and executed the dying Muton. While the Floater was tracking Waddell, Lehmann darted forward for a flank and blew the Floater to pieces. 

We finished crossing the graveyard, but met with no further resistance. It was a surprisingly light mission, all things considered; It is my recommendation that we brace ourselves for heavier resistance in the future.


o Sustain:
 - Synergistic fires and maneuvers
 - Maintaining tactical momentum

o Improve:
 - Explosive firing discipline
 - Distribute medkits throughout the squad