Saturday, April 11, 2015



PREPARED BY: SGT Oskar Lindemann


o Enemy Forces:
 - 1x "Flying Disc", 4x Drones, 4x Floaters, 9x Seekers, 2x Thin Men, 4x Outsiders, armed with assorted plasma weapons

o Friendly Forces
 - CPL Oskar Lindemann (Germany)
 - CPL Hidde Huisman (Netherlands)
 - CPL Shousei Daiwa (Japan)
 - CPL Monica de Matos (Brazil)
 - CPL Yusuf Hassan (Sudan)
 - SPC Jared Houston (United States)
 - SPC Sylas Maillet (Canada)


o Strike Team deploys to Tennessee, United States, 01 MAY 2016 @ 1957 hrs, IOT recon and exploit large, intact alien craft.


We received the Mission Alert at 1940 hrs. The Skyranger was wheels up by 1951, and we touched ground at 1957 hrs. We immediately moved to what sparse cover was available and began to assess the situation. The craft was enormous, and appeared to have a large open bay on the end nearest us. There were several dead livestock, and a number of strange devices deployed forward of the bay.

Before we could move up, a pod of robotics immediately approached. Four of the machines were the familiar drones; The fifth was unfamiliar, and appeared to be a smallish flying saucer. The squad immediately cut loose, but only managed to destroy one of the drones, as the disc suddenly rotated and unfolded, guns bristling out of every possible opening. PFC Maillet was injured in their return salvo.

I directed the squad to focus fires on the disc. CPLs Daiwa and Hassan did so immediately, with PFC Maillet finishing it off, which allowed Houston, myself and CPL de Matos to finish off the remaining drones. We did not even have time to reload before a pod of Seekers swooped into view. PFC Maillet led with an AP grenade, injuring the clustered machines, which the squad quickly mopped up.

Given a moment's respite, Daiwa moved up to get a closer look, allowing the rest of the squad to move to closer positions, utilizing what small amounts of cover were available. As soon as Daiwa reached the back of the craft, more Seekers and a drone, accompanied by a pack of Floaters flew out of the bay. I eliminated one of the Floaters immediately, while Houston and de Matos took out the drone, and Maillet the lead Seeker. 

Two more Floaters advanced, firing on Houston, but the remainder of the X-Rays we'd seen retreated to hide within the bay. When Houston moved toward better cover, one of those within winged him, though he remained combat ready. Huisman charged forward drawing fire from within, blowing through his armor and wounding him. He slid into cover behind one of the alien devices, and blew the nearer of the two Floaters out of the air with his shotgun. With his eyes on the interior of the bay, we had a better idea of what we were facing, though Hassan was unable to get a clean shot off before the two Seekers went stealth, and the rest of the X-Rays began raining fire down on Huisman. 

I brought the squad back into tighter formation, and we waited for the X-Rays. To pass the time, Daiwa popped one of the Floaters as it tried to take a shot at him. They didn't make us wait much longer as a Seeker appeared near de Matos, and we blew it out of the sky. When nothing else appeared, Daiwa briefly dodged out into the open to draw them out, narrowly avoiding their attacks, and revealing the Seeker for Hassan to destroy. When the last Floater charged out, de Matos and Maillet brought it to the ground. At this time, we still hadn't left the area around the drop zone. 

Maillet, having already advanced to the back of the ship, kept watch as the squad moved up to the side of the ship, and de Matos provided first aid to Huisman. Before we could get too close, a pod of Seekers and Thin Men appeared on the side of the ship. CPL Daiwa managed to put a bullet in the first Thin Man's head before he could get to cover. Then the squad focused fires on the two Seekers, though it was only with difficulty that the second one was finally put down. 

It was then, while the whole squad was focused on the Seekers, that the second Thin Man managed to get close enough to flank Huisman. Hassan and Daiwa aimed and fired as it approached, but not fast enough. CPL Huisman, unable to react in time, was shot and killed instantly. The Thin Man followed him into death moments later. De Matos checked Huisman's vitals, but she said he was already gone.

At this point, I considered withdrawing from the field. The squad was visibly shaken. But as I watched, I saw them all pull themselves together and reload their weapons. When they looked to me, I ordered the squad to advance up the side of the craft. We weren't going to let his death be for nothing.

I sent Daiwa and Houston up front to a platform with an entrance, while de Matos and Maillet climbed to the roof of the UFO and Hassan and myself positioned ourselves on the side. At my command, Maillet dropped an HE grenade over the side, and blew out the wall in front of myself and CPL Hassan, while Houston and Daiwa moved to the side entrance. The four Outsiders inside scattered for cover. Our initial salvo was not very effective, but as the Outsiders were surprised, their counterattack was less so, though the Seeker that flew out through the hole in the wall was unexpected. Maillet and de Matos, still on the roof, made short work of it before it could come after myself or Hassan.

CPL Hassan nailed the Outsider that was suppressing me, and in the lull, I stood up and finished it off. With nothing else in sight, he moved up, to the hole to cover Maillet's advance. I dropped down to go support Houston as Daiwa shifted through the doorway, while Maillet unsuccessfully attempted to blow cover on one of the Outsiders Houston was covering. Maillet then shifted to allow the prime spot to Hassan.

When Houston put a bullet into one of the Outsiders, de Matos tried to use the opportunity to drop down to assist. Unfortunately, she miscalculated her jump, and exposed herself to their fire. She managed to get herself to cover, despite serious injuries. While she got to cover and conducted self-aid, Houston managed to injure both of the Outsiders that had shot at her. Hassan drew aim, and put a bullet through one of their heads, putting it down permanently, while Maillet lobbed a grenade, severely injuring another, though that did not stop it from returning fire and injuring him nearly as badly.

Just as I made it around to the platform, Houston dodged across for a better shot, and took a major injury himself. Luckily, with de Matos right there, she was able to get him patched up, stimmed and capable of continuing the fight, so he could return fire. The resilient bastards seemed to keep coming back for more, though.

Maillet moved out of the line of fire, and de Matos made her way toward him to provide aid. I suppressed the Outsider nearest, so Houston could make his way to try to flank. Daiwa and Hassan continued to keep the other Outsider pinned while we concentrated on this one.

Once Houston got into position, I continued the suppression while he drew a bead, and crippled it. It tried to flee, but between the two of us, it didn't get far, and he put it down permanently. At the same time, Daiwa, Maillet, de Matos and Hassan massed fires on the Outsider they'd pinned down, and destroyed it.

We carefully cleared the rest of the craft, but it appeared that we'd met the full forces early on, as we encountered no further resistance. We managed to get our wounded back to the Skyranger, as well as bringing CPL Huisman's body back with us.

No brother left behind.


o Sustain:
 - Mass fires on designated threats
 - Use all tools to shape the battle

o Improve:
 - Move and shoot, advance in cover
 - Beware of overwatch from enemy you can't see