Sunday, April 5, 2015



PREPARED BY: SPC Spencer Donohue


o Enemy Forces:
 - 12x Thin Men, 2x Sectoids, 2x Seekers, armed with plasma pistols and carbines

o Friendly Forces
 - SPC Spencer Donohue (United States)
 - SPC Shousei Daiwa (Japan)
 - SPC Yusuf Hassan (Sudan)
 - PFC Jade Colman (United Kingdom)
 - PFC Naomi Bowden (United Kingdom)
 - PFC Sylas Maillet (Canada)


o Strike Team deploys to Toulouse, France 26 APR 2016 @ 0058 hrs, IOT investigate the site of the ambush of a French military convoy.


We received the Mission Alert at 2320 hrs, 25 APR, and we were in the air by 2334, with boots on ground at 0058 on the morning of the 26th. Once we'd oriented ourselves, I split the squad into two fire teams, one going straight forward with SPC Daiwa in charge, while I accompanied the other team around to the left, more intact portion of the building.

We received contact almost immediately, as a pair of Thin Men entered the building, then withdrew to cover. PFC Maillet was able to eliminate one immediately as it reached cover, while Bowden severely injured the other. As my team maneuvered into the building, I saw an opportunity to finish off the second Thin Man, and took it.

Daiwa's fire team spotted another pod near the next building, with two Thin Men who darted inside for cover while a Seeker advanced on their position. They cut loose at the approaching Seeker, but Bowden only managed to wing it. My team continued to maneuver for better position inside the building. The Thin Men began to suppress Daiwa's fire team, while the Seeker went into stealth mode.

Colman, from my fire team, moved over to support Daiwa's team, and let loose with her SAW once Daiwa had designated the target for her, ending the suppression. I opened the roll-up door and took a shot at the other Thin Man. At first I thought I'd got him, but when I saw it crawl back into cover, I realized it was still alive. Hassan, who'd been covering the alley to the left the whole time, moved inside, until we knew where the Seeker would reappear.

As it turned out, it reappeared as soon as he got into his new position, wrapping its tentacles around him, which we'd seen them attempt before. Colman charged back over and blew it to hell before it could do much damage. While this was happening, Daiwa called out more contact to the front, another pod consisting of a Thin Man, Sectoid and a Seeker.

While Daiwa finished off the wounded Thin Man, another shot a cloud of acid at Hassan, who was still recovering from the Seeker's attack. Before I could maneuver to provide aid, the second Seeker darted into the room and got its tentacles around my throat. Before I knew what was going on, there was a roar of automatic fire and the Seeker collapsed to the ground at my feet. I looked up, and Colman was standing there with her SAW still smoking.

Bowden, meanwhile, was maneuvering forward on the right flank, and managed to severely wound the Thin Man that had poisoned Hassan. Hassan, while still suffering from the poison gas's effects, took aim and finished the bastard off, with a little targeting help from SPC Daiwa. Maillet advanced, drawing fire from the remaining Sectoid, which advanced and took a shot at Colman as well, which allowed Daiwa to put it down.

The squad advanced cautiously, through the no-man's land between buildings. SPC Daiwa and myself moved into the second building, searching for survivors or some sign of what happened to the convoy. We noted that the wounds on the dead did not appear to be caused by plasma weapons, but found no sign to show what happened. I directed Colman onto the roof of the second building to provide overwatch, and Hassan took the roof of the first building, while Maillet and Bowden provided security along the roadway. That was when we saw the wounded man.

Daiwa was first to approach. The man was stable, but uncooperative. He was in no condition to give any real resistance, so we started to move him back through the building toward the landing zone. That was when the X-Rays attacked again. One Thin Man dropped in directly behind Bowden. She snapped off a couple shots, killing it. Daiwa came under fire from another as he moved back into the building. I moved to provide cover, and took a shot when it advanced on our position. I wounded it, but got a poison cloud for my troubles.

Daiwa spotted another and moved to the door to the alleyway, dodging plasma fire to eliminate it, while I charged the first Thin Man, and took it out point-blank. PFC Bowden, from her position on the road killed another as it approached. Maillet took over on assisting the survivor move toward evac, against his protests.

Another wave of enemies came in, from all directions, including a Sectoid only 10 feet away, flanking me. I was still hazy from the poison cloud, so I dashed forward and felt the shot before I realized, burning through my armor and into my shoulder. I was still standing, so I put a burst into the Sectoid's head. Bowden fired off a few shots at another Thin Man, until her weapon jammed. Luckily, Hassan had a clean shot, and blew the X-Ray's head off while she cleared the jam. Daiwa, meanwhile, still covering the alleyway, took out another Thin Man there, and then another as it approached, which cleared the way for me to start moving up. I moved along the alley, providing self-aid for my shoulder.

Maillet got the survivor into the Skyranger, and the rest of the squad cleared the Area of Operations. We encountered no further hostiles, and found no other survivors.


o Sustain:
 - Intersecting Fields of Fire
 - Fire Teams
o Improve:
 - Explosive battlefield shaping
 - Don't move through enemy zones of fire