Saturday, April 18, 2015



PREPARED BY: SPC Lieselotte Faber


o Enemy Forces:
 - 5x Sectoids, 3x Seekers armed with plasma weapons

o Friendly Forces
 - SPC Lieselotte Faber (Germany)
 - SPC Lara Jordan (Australia)
 - PVT Viktor Lehmann (Germany)
 - PVT Sivert Harstad (Norway)
 - PVT Caio de Abreu (Brazil)
 - PVT Jermaine Glynn (United States)
 - PVT Vladimir Oksenov (Russia) - KIA


o Strike Team deploys to Osaka, Japan, 05 MAY 2016 @ 1320 hrs, IOT disrupt Alien Abduction Operations.


The mission alert came in at 1130 hrs, and the squad was assembled and ready by 1143, when we took off. We landed in Osaka at the train station at 1320, and immediately moved to cover. Oksenov, acting as designated scout, spotted a pair of Sectoids upon, but our initial fires were ineffective. One of the Sectoids moved to cover inside the train car, and shot PVT Harstad, who panicked and hunkered in place. The squad advanced in cover, and Lehmann returned fire, killing one of the X-Rays. The rest of the squad focused on the Sectoid inside the train but were only able to wound it and force it to flee. Once Harstad recovered his bearing, Jordan moved to provide aid, and get him back into the fight.

Oksenov moved after the fleeing Sectoid, and spotted it hiding behind a canister of Meld. I directed everyone to hold their fire, and wait to see if it moved, as I did not want to risk damage to the resource. That was when a pod of three more sectoids advanced. Oksenov snapped a shot off, causing them to scatter back into the shadows. The squad advanced, and Harstad managed to wound one of the new Sectoids, but the original one stayed well covered by the Meld. PVT Oksenov advanced toward the Meld, firing at an exposed Sectoid, but did not score a hit. As he was now danger close to the enemy, I took a risk, and fired on the Sectoid behind the meld, but only managed the kill by blowing the canister.

Oksenov started to yell that they were doing something, that there was a voice in his head. Before he could finish his sentence, one of the Sectoids moved up and shot him in the throat. The rookies went crazy, De Abreu, Lehmann and Harstad charging into the open to kill all three of the Sectoids. Lehmann went to check Oksenov before we continued, but it wasn't a surprise when he reported him dead. 

Once everyone had calmed themselves, we moved method ically along the train, toward the sound of movement. Harstad was the first to get eyes on a second Meld canister. He did not approach it until the rest of the squad had advanced to cover him, at which point he carefully went forward and deactivated the self-sealing mechanism. It was only after everyone had repositioned that the remaining X-Rays, a pod of three Seekers, came into view.

They managed to squirm out of the way of our initial salvo, with only a few rounds spanging off of their armor. Then Harstand and Lehman re-engaged, destroying two of the hostiles. The last one went into stealth as we fired, though I think it was damaged before it vanished from sight. It was only gone for a few heartbeats before reappearing, nearly in the same spot, and combined fire put it down.

We swept the remainder of the train station, and encountered no further resistance. PVT Oksenov was collected and brought back to the Skyranger for evac.

I believe it possible that PVT Oksenov had discovered something about the X-Rays when he was killed. 


o Sustain:
 - Ensure proper coverage before advancing into an uncleared area
 - Proper ammo discipline

o Improve:
 - Explosives can shape the battlefield to our advantage
 - Don't leave yourself exposed