Saturday, April 4, 2015



PREPARED BY: CPL Oskar Lindemann


o Enemy Forces:
 - 4x "Arachnids", 8x Floaters armed with plasma carbines

o Friendly Forces
 - CPL Oskar Lindemann (Germany)
 - SPC Hidde Huisman (Netherlands)
 - SPC Constance Makhandule (South Africa)
 - SPC Monica de Matos (Brazil)
 - PFC Clarisse Poncelet (Belgium)
 - PFC Jared Houston (United States)


o Strike Team deploys to Tennessee, United States, 07 APR 2016 @ 2037 hrs, IOT respond to alien terror tactics.


We received the Mission Alert at 1250 hrs. The Skyranger was wheels up by 1258, and we touched ground at 1437 hrs. We took up initial positions between a large building and a storage shed. SPC Mak moved to the door of the large building, opening it to get a look inside. Once she announced it was clear, PFC Poncelet moved in, providing cover while SPC Huisman advanced to the next door inside. Meanwhile, PFC Houston and SPC de Matos provided cover while I advanced to the corner of the building to assess the situation. I saw a few civilians cowering  nearby, but they did not respond to verbal directions to leave the area.

That was when PFC Poncelet called out a contact report. She was unable to easily articulate what she was seeing, then she started firing and retreating, and SPC Makhandule joined in, killing one of the creatures as they bolted into the room. Mak fired a shredder rocket into the midst of the charging pack, pausing them long enough for Poncelet to recover and throw a grenade. Huisman eliminated one of the remaining X-Rays as Houston fell back to provide support, killing the other. 

The creatures, on closer inspection, were unlike anything we've previously seen. Most of the X-Rays appeared to be generally humanoid, with the exception of the robotic drones and seekers. These were more insect-like, with vicious blades where legs should be. They most closely resembled the "Arachnids" described to me by SPC Donohue, from some movie about aliens. After brief inspection, I directed the squad to move on.

I moved to an overwatch position on the rooftops, while the squad advanced on the back of the next building. Screams from the darkness spurred us on, with de Matos, Huisman and Poncelet taking point as they breached the back door, and Mak and Houston hanging back for support. Once de Matos opened the inner door, they spotted four Floaters. Immediately, Poncelet threw a grenade into the room, injuring two. Mak moved to the other door, setting up intersecting fires, as de Matos fell back, drawing ineffective fire from the injured Floaters. I moved down to support from the outer doorway, while de Matos and Huisman finished off the injured Floaters.

Just then, one of the Floaters took off into the sky, coming down behind Houston and Makhandule. Houston and Mak charged at the thing before it could get off a shot, killing it. At the same time, de Matos moved into the room, and Huisman advanced recklessly through the room to get around the remaining Floater.

This proved ill-advised, as before he could level his shotgun, four more Floaters advanced to surround him. Huisman, surrounded and in bad cover, blew the first of the new Floaters out of the air, as I opened fire and Poncelet ran into the room, lobbing a frag grenade, and blowing out the wall, leaving one of the floater's exposed for de Matos to eliminate. By this time, the Floaters were in motion again, but Huisman turned without a second's hesitation, and blasted one of them at point-blank range. The last Floater scared, jetted into the air, and came down immediately behind me. I jerked my LMG around and blew the X-Ray through the wall.

We cleared the rest of the site, finding 13 civilians still alive, as well as a number of dead. We encountered no further resistance, and returned to the Skyranger for extraction.


o Sustain:
 - Mass fires on group targets
 - Applied use of explosives simplifies many problems

o Improve:
 - Never leap before you look
 - NEVER leap before you look. NEVER.