Wednesday, March 25, 2015



PREPARED BY: CPL Oskar Lindemann


o Enemy Forces:
 - 2x Thin Men, 2x Drones, 2x Sectoids, 1x Outsider

o Friendly Forces
 - SPC Oskar Lindemann (Germany)
 - PFC Hidde Huisman (Netherlands)
 - PFC Lara Jordan (Australia)
 - PVT Mahjoub Benhassi (Algeria)
 - PVT Qutuz Safar (United Arab Emirates)
 - PVT Sylas Maillet (Canada)


o Strike Team deploys to Tennessee, United States, 07 APR 2016 @ 2037 hrs, IOT clear and exploit alien crash site.


We received the Mission Alert at 2015 hrs. The Skyranger was wheels up by 2026, and we touched ground at 2037 hrs, on the edge of a farm. Upon assessment of our potential avenues of advance, I chose to send the squad along the fence line and toward the barn. PFC Huisman took point, while I maintained rearguard, providing cover with my LMG.

Upon reaching the barn, we still had not made contact with any X-Rays, though several Soldiers reporting hearing movement in that direction. Once the squad had reached the barn, I scaled the barn to take a high support-by-fire position. After breaching the barn, the squad finally made contact with a pair of Thin Men. They immediately began firing at Jordan, as the rest of the squad maneuvered for advantage. Maillet was the first to score a hit, eliminating one of the Thin Men. Benhassi attempted to flank, but reactive fire from the remaining Thin Man wounded him badly, and pinned him in place. I took advantage of the Thin Man exposing itself to take it down from my vantage in the hayloft. 

Benhassi managed to get into the cover of the barn, where Jordan was able to provide medical care, as the rest of the squad maneuvered toward the downed craft, careful to avoid exposing themselves to the occupants. Huisman attempted to get intel from inside with a Battle Scanner, but unfortunately misjudged his throw, and it ended up on the roof of the UFO, where it was unable to provide useful information.

Huisman made the first advance on the UFO, and the rest of the squad moved to join him, including Benhassi, once Jordan provided stimulants to keep him alert and focused. Jordan remained back to provide cover, while I maintained my support-by-fire position in the loft. 

At my signal, Maillet was the first to advance into the craft, spotting the X-Ray designated as "Outsider" that we'd been briefed to expect. Not wanting to take chances, Maillet flashbanged the Outsider, while Jordan provided smoke to cover the advance of the rest of the squad. Huisman attempted to destroy the enemy's cover with a grenade, but did not seem do to much damage, either to the interior of the ship, or to the Outsider. Huisman charged in and shot the X-Ray from close range, but it seemed to shrug off the damage.

At this time, the remainder of the enemy forces began to appear, with two drones coming out of the dark to flank Huisman, Benhassi and Safar. I managed to take one down with a snap burst before they could get into position. PFC Huisman blasted the Outsider again, while Maillet moved to flank and finished it off. PVT Benhassi proved his resilience as he charged forward and eliminated the second drone, reporting seconds later seeing more X-Rays moving into the fight. Safar moved to get a better look, identifying and engaging two Sectoids, injuring one, and killing the other. Benhassi moved up right behind him and finished off the injured Sectoid. 

Following this engagement, Jordan and Maillet escorted Benhassi back to the Skyranger, while Huisman and Safar cleared the rest of the crash site while I provided cover. They met with no further resistance.


o Sustain:
 - Use of expendables to shape the flow of battle
 - High-vantage overwatch

o Improve:
 - Never underestimate the enemy's accuracy
 - Never assume the site is clear