Wednesday, March 18, 2015



PREPARED BY: SPC Monica de Matos


o Enemy Forces:
 - 8 Sectoids, 3 Drones, armed with plasma pistols

o Friendly Forces
 - PFC Monica de Matos (Brazil)
 - PFC Lorena Kline (United States)
 - PFC Beatrice Rydberg (Sweden)
 - PVT Lara Jordan (Australia)
 - PVT Ana Lucia Mardones (Ecuador)
 - PVT Jade Colman (United Kingdom)


o Strike Team deploys to Kolkata, India, 19 MAR 2016 @ 0325 hrs, IOT disrupt abduction operations


We received the Mission Alert at 2030 hrs on 20 MAR. We lifted off at 2109, and arrived in the strike zone at 1124 hrs. The abduction site was on top of a building, currently under construction.

I identified a likely line of advance, and pushed PVT Colman, designated scout, out forward to get a look at the area. When PVT Mardones advanced, she caught sight of what appeared to be a couple drones in our initial waypoint, but did not have a clean shot. When she moved forward for a closer look, she identified three more X-Rays, Sectoids, along with the two drones, which immediately began firing upon her. Mardones returned fire, eliminating the first of the drones. The rest of the squad opened up, but were unable to hit the quickly bobbing drone, until PFC Rydberg pinned it with suppressing fire, and Colman and Jordan were able to take it down.

The Sectoids then tried to pin and flank Mardones, but when the Sectoid dodged around the shipping crate, Colman charged forward and fed it hot lead at close range. Kline took a snapshot when one of the remaining Sectoids dodged to better cover, and put it down. Rydberg took charge of Colman and Mardones to clear the remaining Sectoid, while I took Kline and Jordan and moved toward the sound of Meld, per guidance from Research. Kline made contact as she moved behind the shipping containers toward the Meld. 

That's when things went wrong. I'd underestimated the mobility of the drone, and it came around the shipping container, immediately in front of Kline. I snapped a shot at it, but missed as it blasted Kline at close range. I dove forward to provide medical care while she blew it out of the air. Jordan provided overwatch while Rydberg's team moved up to support. By the time I had Kline patched up, the Meld container had locked down, and we were unable to recover it.

One of the Sectoids took the high ground, but PFC Rydberg charged forward, SAW blazing, and took it down before it could line up a shot, while Mardones took the close-up shot and destroyed the other. The squad advanced cautiously to ensure the rooftop was clear, but made contact with another pod of Sectoids. PVT Colman took fire, but it only seemed to graze her armor. PVT Jordan, realizing there was a Sectoid just on the other side of the wall, darted around, firing as she went, into another cover position, flanking and destroying the X-Ray. Colman took a reaction shot when one of the other Sectoids broke cover, putting it down for good, leaving just one X-Ray remaining. Mardones broke cover while the Sectoid was suppressing Jordan and put a burst into its head. 

We cleared the remainder of the rooftop, and found one more Meld container. Unfortunately, it had also locked down before we could get to it. Research will just have to content itself with the Meld they can extract from the corpses.


o Sustain:
 - Flank shots are kill shots
 - Always have a plan B
o Improve:
 - If you bring equipment, use it
 - Never underestimate the enemy