Sunday, March 8, 2015



PREPARED BY: PFC Oskar Lindemann


o Enemy Forces:
 - 9 Sectoids, armed with energy weapons

o Friendly Forces
 - PVT Oskar Lindemann (Germany)
 - PVT Monica de Matos (Brazil)
 - PVT PVT Lorena Kline (USA)
 - PVT PVT Shousei Daiwa (Japan)
 - PVT Lieselotte Faber (Germany)
 - PVT Constance Makhandule (South Africa)


o Strike Team deploys to Le Havre, France, 05 MAR 2016 @ 0939 hrs, IOT disrupt Alien Abduction Operations.


We received the Mission Alert at 0915 hrs. The Skyranger was wheels up by 0939, and we touched ground at 1103 hrs. Upon securing the LZ, PVT Daiwa took to the high ground in the back of a semi-truck, to get a better vantage. When he gave the signal that everything looked clear, we moved into place to breach the store. PVTs Faber and Kline flanked the doorway, while PVT Mak and I took up support-by-fire positions back from the doorway, and de Matos, in capacity as team medic, took up the rear guard. With Kline and Faber in-place, Mak was the first in, establishing a foothold while the rest of the squad held the door and window, waiting for contact. 

Nothing showed itself, but PVT Mak said she heard movement from the garage portion, in the back. Daiwa advanced, and finally spotted the enemy, back in the garage as Mak had reported. We took secure cover and held in place, weapons steadied. The X-Rays advanced under cover, and PVT Mak took the first shot, putting a burst through a wall to eliminate the first creature. Daiwa advanced to get a better angle, and drew fire. He yelled as though he were on fire, which it turned out was all it was. The alien's plasma had ignited his armor, but he was able to put it out, after taking a shot and terminating another X-Ray back in the garage. Faber followed up by killing the enemy that had attacked PVT Daiwa. With no other enemy in sight, the rest of the squad advanced into the store and took up positions.

Daiwa, Mak and Faber covered the door where we'd first taken contact, while the rest of us remained further back. One of the X-Rays advanced into the room beyond the door, avoiding overwatch fire, while a second burst through another set of doors and flanked Daiwa, injuring him with a plasma burst. I made short work of that one, while Mak flanked the one inside the room and took it down. de Matos set up overwatch on the front of the building while we advanced behind Daiwa and Mak. When the aliens advanced, Faber injured one, and de Matos killed another.

A brief lull allowed de Matos to move in and provide aid for Daiwa, and PVT Kline managed to finish off the injured X-Ray. In the volley of return fire, Faber was injured, but was able to pull herself out of the line of fire and treat her own wounds. Kline advanced and flashbanged the aliens, breaking off their suppressing fire and giving us a moment to reposition. 

Daiwa, already in the garage, crept around a truck and surprised one of the remaining aliens with a burst into its head. That's when I realized the last X-Ray was overwatching us. I made a judgement call, and sprinted into the open firing wildly to draw its fire, thankfully unsucessful. With it exposed, Kline and de Matos managed to injure it, and PVT Mak lobbed an AP grenade, killing it. 

We took some time clearing the rest of the surrounding area, but there were no remaining hostiles.


o Sustain:
 - Adjust battle tempo to the situation
 - Firing discipline

o Improve:
 - Be aware of alternate lanes of attack
 - Never run out of ammo