Wednesday, March 11, 2015





o Enemy Forces:
 - 3 Drones, 4 Sectoids, 1 "Outsider", armed with plasma weapons

o Friendly Forces
 - PVT Naomi Bowden (United Kingdoms)
 - PVT Ward Parsons (Australia)
 - PVT Anant Dhalon (Pakistan)
 - PVT Jared Houston (United States)
 - PVT Rainhard Horn (Austria)
 - PVT Kaseem Quadri (Indonesia)


o Strike Team deploys to North-Central Texas, 06 MAR 2016 @ 2011 hrs, IOT clear and exploit alien crash site


We received the Mission Alert at 0900 hrs on 05 MAR, and were given orders to be ready to depart within 24 hours, once the Intelligence Operations could fully analyse the data. The squad was boots-on-ground at 2011 hrs on 06 MAR. PVT Dhalon was designated scout, and the squad advanced in standard wedge behind him, using cover as available until Dhalon signaled that he heard movement ahead. We took cover along a high ridge-line. That's when we saw them, a pair of the grey bastards they call Sectoids. Anant took a reaction shot and winged one before they withdrew out of sight.

The squad moved into better cover, and prepared to receive their assault. The buggers dodged in and out of sight, and one took a shot at Dhalon, and I heard his scream of pain. I directed everyone to hold position and wait for them to come to us, except Parsons who moved to provide aid to Dhalon. We weathered the next volley of shots, then Rainhard returned fire and eliminated one X-Ray while Parsons assisted PVT Dhalon, at which point we advanced to kill the other Sectoid. Dhalon was the first to get eyes on, at which point he returned the favour, with interest.

We shifted our line of advance back toward the downed craft, when we found ourselves under fire from the left again. This time it was three small hovering "drones" for lack of any other term. We were lucky to avoid injury, because they attacked before we'd had time to really react. PVTs Dhalon and Rainhard, still on the left flank, returned fire and destroyed two of the machines in short order. Parsons and Houston cut loose, full-auto on the remaining one before it finally went down as well.

With no current threats, we turned our attention again to the downed craft, and advanced under cover. It was large and rounded, with one side completely torn open, and what appeared to be a glowing door in the side facing us. Dhalon, Houston and Parsons stacked to either side of the alien door, while Rainhard and Quadri took overwatch on the flanks, and I took the centre. At my signal, Dhalon touched the door, to see if he could figure out how to open it. It dissolved under his touch, revealing the inside of the craft.

What we saw inside, I still cannot quite describe. It was a creature, human in shape, seeminly made of light. Anant and Jared fired reflexively as it charged the doorway. When it staggered, Parsons dashed inside, shooting it point blank in the head. He reported that the creature just seemed to vanish as its weapon exploded.

The overwatch team advanced to the ship to provide support for any other hostiles, but nothing immediately appeared. Quadri heard movement from outside the ship, so I directed everyone inside, using it as an impromptu bunker. Then we waited, weapons ready.

When they advanced, they came plasma first. Rainhard was seriously injured in the opening volley, but Quadri returned fire, wounding one and forcing them to seek cover. With two wounded, I knew we had to end this, so I ran for the doorway, dodged return fire and shot one of the big-headed bastards in the head, while Houston finished off the other. 

Once we were sure there was nothing else coming, we saw to our wounded, and returned to the Skyranger.


o Sustain:
 - Movement formations
 - Ammo discipline

o Improve:
 - Clear the sidelines before advancing
 - Use all of your tools