Sunday, March 22, 2015



PREPARED BY: SPC Spencer Donohue


o Enemy Forces:
 - 7x Sectoids, 1x Thin Man, 1x Mechanical, designation "Seeker"

o Friendly Forces
 - SPC Spencer Donohue (United States)
 - PFC Shousei Daiwa (Japan)
 - PFC Yusuf Hassan (Sudan)
 - PVT Leigh Fahey (United States)
 - PVT Edward Dudek (Poland)
 - PVT Clarisse Poncelet (Belgium)


o Strike Team deploys to Buenos Aires, Argentina 04 APR 2016 @ 1924 hrs, IOT disrupt Alien Abduction Operations.


We received the Mission Alert at 1800 hrs, and we were in the air by 1820, with boots on ground at 1924. After assessing our avenues of approach, I decided that cutting along the backside of the building and using the back door for ingress would be the best course of action (CoA). We stacked on the wall with Hassan on watch before making the breach.

Upon opening the door, Daiwa reported seeing three X-Rays. The first two were a Sectoid and Thin Man, which cut along the front of the building, using it for cover. The third, he reported seeing a quick flash of tentacles, before it faded out of sight, and the door burst open without any other explanation. Not knowing what we were facing, I directed everyone to stay put, in cover, and keep their weapons ready. Daiwa started taking fire from within the building, but remained hunkered safely behind the wall. Suddenly, the air in front of Hassan blurred, and everyone opened up before we even got a good look at what it was. It seemed to be seeking the most isolated member of the squad, but Hassan was sufficiently covered that we never got to see what its capabilities were. Upon taking it down, we noted that it appeared to be a squid-like mechanical, most closely resembling the robots from that Matrix movie.

Daiwa then moved into the room, tumbling to avoid their reaction fire, and took cover behind a rack of servers. While the X-Rays were focused on him, PVTs Dudek and Fahey moved to the doorway, focusing fire on the Thin Man, giving cover for the rest of the squad to re-position. The X-Rays moved into the room, taking high cover positions that made it risky to advance, so we held position, weapons ready. This was when we saw further movement beyond the building, and noted more Sectoids coming to reinforce. We continued to hold position, taking shots of opportunity, until finally Dudek and Fahey managed to put down the Thin Man, as he approached Diawa's cover position, and Hassan took a shot through the window, eliminating the first Sectoid. PFC Daiwa, not to be outdone, put a shot straight through the wall, killing another Sectoid.

PVT Poncelet, now that the enemy overwatch positions were cleared, moved alongside the building, and took a reaction shot as one of the other Sectoids advanced, putting it down. The squad advanced to cover positions to engage the remaining Sectoid in the pod. Fahey, moving in cover, drew fire from the X-Ray, allowing the rest of the squad to reposition, and me to take a wounding shot. Hassan, having taken a sniper's perch on top of the building, reporting seeing as many as three more X-Rays in the next building.

We began our final advance with Daiwa taking the kill shot on the last Sectoid in the truck. Hassan took a snapshot at movement inside the building, but he could not confirm a kill. Realizing they had us covered, PFC Daiwa charged into the open to draw their fire, before moving into cover. The team fired as we advanced, but were unable to score any further hits. We did manage to scare them into keeping their heads down, so we were able to advance to danger-close range.

Fahey lead the way, dodging up immediately next to a hunkered Sectoid, and putting it down with a burst to the head. I charged forward with Daiwa immediately behind. The Sectoid by the window didn't even see me coming as I jumped through, flanked the X-Ray around the corner, though before I could kill it, PVT Poncelet had already put it down. PFC Daiwa jumped through the window right after me, and executed the cowering Sectoid with a single shot from his pistol.

We scoured the rest of the area, but met with no further resistance. Buenos Aires was temporarily clear of infestation. I think LT Rico would be proud.


o Sustain:
 - Use of Cover
 - Seize opportunity

o Improve:
 - Use grenades to eliminate cover
 - Equipment unused is wasted