Saturday, March 7, 2015



PREPARED BY: PFC Spencer Donohue


o Enemy Forces:
 - 10 X-Rays, designation "Sectoid", armed with energy weapons of unknown capability

o Friendly Forces
 - PVT Spencer Donohue (United States)
 - PVT Beatrice Rydberg (Sweden)
 - PVT Simone Ribeiro (Brazil)
 - PVT Hidde Huisman (Netherlands)
 - PVT Evan Jensen (South Africa) - KIA
 - PVT Yusuf Hassan (Sudan)


o Strike Team deploys to Vancouver, Canada, 01 MAR 2016 @ 2118 hrs, IOT disrupt Alien Abduction Operations.


We received the Mission Alert at 2100 hrs. The squad was ready to go within minutes, with boots on ground at 2320 hrs. We assessed the situation, and moved to cover, while PVT Ribeiro reconned a short ways ahead, and PVT Rydberg advanced to cover Ribeiro. When we began bounding from our intial cover positions, PVT Ribeiro caught sight of the enemy.

PVT Jensen and myself moved to a position that would allow us to set up a crossfire on the targets, and took cover, while Huisman and Hassan provided a base of fire. Ribeiro moved back into cover, and Rydberg provided overwatch, to ensure that the enemy wouldn't attempt to flank us.

PVT Ribeiro caught sight of another group of hostiles, and engaged and destroyed one target. The remainder of the squad fired upon the first group of targets, eliminating two of them. The survivors of the first group pulled back and broke line-of-sight, while the second group of hostiles moved forward and engaged Ribeiro and Rydberg with ineffectual fire. Rydberg returned fire and killed one of the aggressors. PVT Ribeiro provided overwatch while the rest of the squad repositioned on the new threat.

PVT Jensen, at this time, took to the high ground on top of a truck for advantage. He wounded, but did not eliminate one target. I engage the target, but I am unable to neutralize it before return fire critically wounds Jensen. PVT Hassan and Huisman move up to provide aid, which is when we realize that no one grabbed a medkit.

With Jensen's life on the line, the squad pushes forward, engaging the remaining enemy with grenades and direct fire, but the target proves resilient. Meanwhile, Ribeiro and Rydberg decisively engage a third group of hostiles on the left flank. I took a chance and moved forward, using a grenade to take down one of the targets that could have flanked me otherwise.

Something strange happened then. Huisman and Hassan rushed into the open to engage the X-Rays on the right flank. Hassan killed one of them, and the other, the one who'd shot Jensen, let out a scream and collapsed. It was almost as if they were somehow connected.

I flexed over to the left flank to support PVTs Ribeiro and Rydberg, while Hassan checked on Jensen. He reported to me that Jensen did not appear to be breathing, nor could he find a pulse. PVT Huisman assisted Hassan in getting Jensen back to the Skyranger, while Rydberg and myself destroyed the remaining X-Ray. Ribeiro joined us in sweeping the AO while Hassan and Huisman continued to attempt lifesaving measures on Jensen.

Despite our best efforts, PVT Evan Jensen was pronounced Dead on Arrival when we returned to XCOM HQ.


o Sustain:
 - Fire Team cohesion
 - Firing discipline

o Improve:
 - Bring a freaking medkit
 - Cover trumps high ground